Project Outcomes for V2SDF (VET to Stop Deforestation)

As of now, detailed outcomes and results for the V2SDF project are still in the process of being compiled and analyzed. The project, aimed at enhancing vocational education and training (VET) to counteract deforestation, is actively underway, and comprehensive results are expected upon its completion.

We are committed to transparency and the dissemination of information. Once the project reaches its later stages and data is fully processed, we will provide a thorough analysis of the outcomes here. This will include assessments of the project's impact on deforestation rates, improvements in local VET capacities, and other key metrics of success.

Please check back for updates to receive notifications about new information as it becomes available. For immediate inquiries or further information about the project's current status, please contact us directly at

We appreciate your interest and support in our efforts to use education as a tool for environmental sustainability.